Perioscope Treatment

The Perioscope

The perioscope is a new technology developed for the treatment of periodontal disease. The perioscope is an endoscope that has been specifically designed to explore and visualize the pocket (space) under the gum of teeth involved with periodontitis. An image on a computer monitor shows the diseased tooth’s root surface. The perioscope enables the clinician to see the contents of the periodontal pocket and to analyze the root surface of the tooth for disease-causing bacterial accumulations (plaque and calculus).

The perioscope guides the clinician during the process of cleaning the root surface free of plaque and calculus – the treatment for periodontitis. It also allows the clinician to identify other problems (cracks, perforations and other disease-causing flaws of the tooth root’s surface) that are located under the gum, and which previously required surgery to detect.

W. Philip Urling, D.D.S.

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